Rupert and the iPad

Rupert Murdoch may, or may not, have lost his mind, but this article from Financial Times (free registration required) is in some ways, one of the best foundational ideas to come from News Corp.  They are considering creating a separate organization dedicated to developing content for the iPad.

It seems likely that the motivation is largely monetary.  The iPad application can more closely preserve the old model of a pile of proprietary content, which they control access to, through which they weave a pile of ads.

The old newspaper/magazine model is this.  “We have x-thousand subscribers, some of whom will see your ad, others will not.  But to get them you must come through our delivery method.”

Fine, but history is proving that if you put up a barrier, some will not bother to come through.

The audience has fractured and is not coming back…in large groups.  The trick now is to spread the content to as many smaller groups as possible…that is the only way to collect a large group.

Where are you spreading your weather data?


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Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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