The Tease

Is the tease dead?

I’ve noticed an interesting new habit I have.  In the office I generally have the TV on quietly in the background and from time to time will hear one of the local channels tease stories for the 10:00 news.  Once in a while a tease will catch my interest…right after the anchor says, “Join us at 10:00.”…I jump right on the interwebs, search the headline, get the story, and am not watching the news at 10:00.

There sure is a lot of inertia in TV news.  I wonder if the tease is still effective.  Sure it is only 5 seconds, the way we do it now.

“Rain in the forecast…I’ll tell you when at 10:00”  Intertia.


About Kevin Selle

Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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2 Responses to The Tease

  1. Tim Tender says:

    Funny you bring up the tease because that was the biggest thing I took away from a training seminar we had at our sister station last Saturday… the art of teasing.

    Instead of saying something like… “there rain in the forecast. I’ll have the details at 11,” I might say something like “there’s rain in the forecast this week. I’ll time it in with the latest version of Futurecast at 11.”

    The first one is a given… obviously I’ll have the details at 11. That’s my job. The other one offers up the ‘how’ and might keep viewers from looking to the interwebs for the answers. Futurecast is something that is kinda exclusive to the TV.

    Since the conference, I’ve been scripting my teases and I feel like they are a lot better.

  2. Kevin Selle says:

    Excellent, Tim. Making that extra effort sure seems like it makes a difference. Thanks.

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