Dinosaurs and the Environment

Leo Laporte has some great podcasts on his TWiT network, including Net@Night.  The most recent episode includes a guest, Matthew Ingram, from the website GigaOM.

Quoting another author, Mr. Ingram made what I think is the most accurate statement I’ve heard on what is happening in the broadcasting business (they were actually talking about newspapers).

“If you are a dinosaur and you are under threat, you can put up defenses, and that protects you against predators.  But it’s not going to protect you against an environmental change, like a meteor.”

What changes can we make to adapt to the environmental change?  What would you do if only had one minute for your forecast?  Sure, there is no time limit on the web, but most YouTube videos aren’t watched past 2 minutes.  I’d love your suggestions.


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One Response to Dinosaurs and the Environment

  1. jimmyk97 says:

    I live in a world where my whole forecast has to be out there in 30 seconds. It’s radio (talking of dinosaurs!), but verbally there isn’t much to get into a forecast in half a minute. I can do a three-day forecast, and that’s about it. Even then, all it involves is the sky conditions, chances of rain (don’t use POP’s…I’ll post about that later!) and the high or low temperature.

    On rare occasions I’ll mention a front coming or going, or maybe something tropical or the possibility of severe weather. But if I do that during a forecast for Monday, it’s nearly impossible to tell anything past Tuesday at that point.

    I do get a 35 second block in the evenings where I can expound on things a little because it is only 15 minutes after the “official” forecast. Sometimes, though, even that takes a minute, but I won’t tell if you don’t.

    One time I do get less time for a forecast is during high school football. I get 16 seconds and that’s it. Needless to say, it’s tonight and tomorrow, and that is it!

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