Some Good News for a Change

Looking back at my posts…many of them seem doom and gloom-y.  Well, this one from GigaOm is no different, but interesting.

On the upside… I posted this old Dilbert the other day on Facebook…

Someone commented, saying, “Tough day, Kevin?”  I replied, “…on the contrary, I’m inventing the doohickey!”

Many business leaders and teachers will tell you that a downturn is the absolute best time to innovate and develop new products.  While everyone else is running for cover there is no better time to find cheap labor and start something cool so you are ready for the upturn.

The barriers to entry to so many things are being removed.  Cheap software, desktop publishing…you don’t need a million dollar printing press to start the digital equivalent of a newspaper. (If you haven’t read this and this, go for it.)

Now is the time, my friends.  Our forecasts and weather information have value that cannot be touched by the folks in State College and Atlanta.

What doohickey are you inventing?  If you would like to talk about it I’m wide open…trust me I know the value of secrecy, well at least until my doohickey is finished.

About Kevin Selle

Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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1 Response to Some Good News for a Change

  1. rdale says:

    The economic environment right now what helped with my doohickey development. Companies can’t afford contracts with major weather providers for severe weather information – but they still need the basics as opposed to relying on a text message from the local TV station or hoping they can hear the tornado siren inside the plant.

    First2Warn provides what they NEED (it may not be all they WANT) at a price they can afford. And it didn’t hurt getting in the door of places since they already knew me from TV…

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