We Never Get Paid

We have always given away our work.  It doesn’t cost anything to watch TV and get the weather forecast, it just comes along with the news.  The website forecast, free.  I know you been asked more than once, “What’s the weather?”, and I’m pretty certain you never had your hand out while giving the answer.  We create our product and share it freely with anyone who asks.

We all know that weather leads the reasons why people come to the local newscast, and I see an opportunity for us to continue to lead our stations into the digital age.

This morning I learned about a new book called The Mesh.  The subtitle is, “Why the Future of Business is Sharing”.  The old media model, and one of the reasons local stations have stumbled on the web, is the idea of “The Walled Garden”.  The idea has been that our information is ours, and you must come through our owned and approved portals to get it.

What The Mesh is going to tell us (I think) is that the better idea is to share our product in as many places as possible.  The audience continues to fracture and will not come back as one large group.  We need to talk to them where they are.

Just a couple of years ago, would it have been possible to go to station management and say, “I want to put my forecast on a bunch of websites that we don’t own and have no control over.”?  Likely not.

Today, maybe it is not so crazy.  In a few days I will be writing about a new weather product.  If you would like to learn more now please let me know.

In the meantime, download The Mesh.  I’m already into it on my Kindle app.  I’m a pretty slow reader so if you hurry, maybe we can talk about it when we chat about the new product.

About Kevin Selle

Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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2 Responses to We Never Get Paid

  1. trfoisy says:

    I’ll have to grab this book. A related book that I read a couple months back was “The Power of Pull”, talking about the big shift in society in how the customer has newfound incredible power to “pull” information from many different sources. I definitely recommend it as well.

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