Too Much Clicking Going On

I made a short post the other day that included a link that used a shortener.  That link led to another link, that was shortened, which led to the post.

A reader sent me a note asking me to eliminate the middle link.  Which leads to an interesting poll question.


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Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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3 Responses to Too Much Clicking Going On

  1. skydaver says:

    I made this comment over on polldaddy, but I think this is the better place for it.
    I think I was the person that prompted this question.
    Last month, you posted this to Twitter “New DM post.“. The link took us to your Posterous blog, and the entry there was just “New DM post” for a title, and “” as the body. That link took us to your “Training” entry on Digital Meteorologist. A link on Twitter right to your Digital Meteorologist posting would have been better, in this case.
    I voted in this poll for ‘Post information directly without a link’, but I would change that if I could, now that I’ve thought more about the poll question. One’s own platform is the place to put your original material. Other places (Twitter, especially) may not give you the detail you need. What you should not do is put a link to a link to the information. I hope that makes sense.

  2. Jim says:

    Kevin, I agree with skydaver about the extra link. I would also urge anyone not to overdo the amount of “services” they are using. Don’t follow Leo’s lead and try to use every service that comes along. You can only focus on just so much at once. Got a new forecast, or blog post up? Tweet the link and a brief blurb referring to the nature of the link to the Digital Meteorologist blog. Hopefully you have your Twitter client linked to your Facebook account so the tweeted link ends up there too.
    I guess you see the articles in various tech rags (thats about what they are worth in my opinion) stating that some huge percentage of tweets and links that are tweeted are not even read or clicked on? Those folks don’t use their twitter the way I do. I use it as information funnel. I get a steady stream of the information I choose to receive and I read every one of them. I think some of those folks are so caught up in their way of doing things that they don’t see the real use of things. Social media does not always have to be a 2 -way thing, just like broadcast TV and Radio. YOU are the station, I am the viewer/listener, and about 95% of the time thats the way it should work for say a meteorologist or news media types. If I have a tip or whatever I’ll tweet @you or DM you and hope you are watching for replies to your tweets. If not you ( not to pick on you) lose out, so that really limits the number of people you can follow and really pay attention to. I keep a twitter client up on a second monitor, it runs fullscreen mode with columns for – 1- the people I follow, 2- mentions of my twitter username 3- direct messages, 4- the tech folks I follow, 5 the weather folks I follow. When certain events are happening, I will add a column to search the associated hashtag so I can follow the stream of tweets, then when it winds down I kill that column. I suppose that sounds like overdone but really it’s not. Twitter works very well for me in this respect.

    My apologies for gettin long winded there.. but, sometimes I can talk the horns off’n a billygoat.

    • Kevin Selle says:

      Good stuff, Jim. Keep talking. I think one of the things we need to be aware of is the continued fracturing of the audience. Create 10 different platforms or delivery methods and someone will use each one. Local media companies need to continue to move away from the “one message to one big audience” model of old.

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