The “Show” is Over

Interesting article from Dallas/Fort Worth TV critic Ed Bark.  The premise…which local meteorolgist was wearing a suit coat, and which ones were not, during severe weather coverage.

I think the most troubling part is that there are likely conversations behind the scenes as to when we should or should not take off the coat.

It reminds me of a story I read about an anchor who was anxiously waiting wisdom from a consultant during his first review session.  After watching tapes, the consultant turned to the anchor and said, “I have two words for you.  Tabbed collars.”

When the presentation becomes more important than the information, the “show” is over.


About Kevin Selle

Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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2 Responses to The “Show” is Over

  1. RDale says:

    My favorite story on these lines came on one of my “weather producer” days during the week. The chief was out on a 5pm live shot and just as I was starting to pack up the shot went dead. I threw on a mic and did weather sitting from the desk instead of on the key, since I was in a polo shirt. The news anchor commented that I looked great (on the air) and we got a few emails that evening saying they liked the casual look.

    First thing the next morning – I came in and was called into the office by my ND. He wanted to know why I looked like crap on the air. No “thanks for covering” or “you really saved us.” It was “Next time make sure you have your suit on when the chief is out doing a live shot.”

    So for every “next time” I just left the office at 5pm.

  2. Jason_Elser says:

    Now, before I begin let me just say this. I am not in broadcasting or anything like that. I was however in management for several years. I can see this from both sides. I do understand that there is a need for a “professional” appearance in any line of work. Being in public view enhances that need. I am “old school” and do think a dress shirt and pants with a tie is the “proper” look that a public professional should have. In the world we are in today however I believe we are to the point dressier pants or khakis are acceptable with either a button-up shirt or a polo shirt that is tucked in.

    In the professional world I do not endorse being too casual, but I do think what you do and how you present yourself is more important than clothing. If you carry yourself in a professional manner in how you talk and act and give clear and concise information people will respect the information you are giving them.

    The bottom line is “professional” is NOT a suit a tie. A Professional is and should always be a person of knowledge who is able to take the information at hand and use it to do their job. The knowledge and the information the professional gives back to the public should ALWAYS come first as that is their first responsibility regardless of what they may wear.

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