It’s Not One Or The Other

Good quick read from Jeff Jarvis.

His post outlines a fundmental problem for newspapers and we can apply it to local television news.  The old model collected one big group of users and sold them to advertisers.  That model made a lot of money, and still does, although less every day.  Eventually the numbers needed to support the infrastructure of the old model will no longer make sense to the advertisers (especially when geo-targeted ads make sense for the car dealers).

The newspapers can’t stop trying to preserve their print subscribers.  They need that one big number to show to the ad agencies to continue the cash flow.  Same problem for the local newscast.

The danger comes when old media fails to pour as many resources as possible into new models while they still have those resources to pour.

These two quotes are of paramount importance. “There is no competitive advantage to automated data.”, author, your humble blog host.  “Preservation of cash flow can blind the strategic necessity of change.”, author unknown.



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