They’re Looking For Your Data

Here is some interesting data from Nielsen on social media usage.

The graphic that caught my eye is below.  It shows the top 10 categories of apps used by smartphone owners.  Number one is games, number two is…drumroll…you guessed it!

I wonder if someone would be willing to do an experiment.  All next week, during your segment on the 6:00pm news, just run your show during the weather segment.  No music, no voiceover, no chroma key.  Kind of like the automated mobile app from the weather vendor.  Oh, I know, it has video and live radar.

I don’t know of any local station producing a newscast at 2:00pm, but I bet there is a user looking for weather information at that time.


About Kevin Selle

Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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2 Responses to They’re Looking For Your Data

  1. Kevin, yeah this is a no brainer huh? Stations are finally starting to come around to local weather apps. One thing that is interesting in the social media usage numbers. In that coveted 25-44 demo Twitter has 60% share and Facebook only 49%. Once again making my case that Twitter was made for mobile devices just like texting.

  2. Kevin Selle says:

    Agreed, Brad. Different platforms are offering different experiences. In the years ahead will be defined by targeted ads to specific groups and/or collecting those groups into larger ones. Thanks.

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