Giving It Up

In one of the great scenes in the movies, Broadcast News, Albert Brooks says to Holly Hunter…


What do you think the Devil is going to look like if he’s around?  Nobody is going to be taken in if he has a long, red, pointy tail.  No.  I’m semi-serious here.  He will look attractive and he will be nice and helpful and he will get a job where he influences a great God-fearing nation and he will never do an evil thing…he will just bit by little bit lower standards where they are important. Just coax along flash over substance… Just a tiny bit.  And he will talk about all of us really being salesmen. (seeing he’s not reaching her) And he’ll get all the great women.

Tech Crunch reports that Facebook will launch a subscribe button for websites.  As I understand it this will allow users to place website content into their news streams (bypassing RSS).  Look for the button on your website soon…and “bit by little bit” we’ll continue to lose control.


About Kevin Selle

Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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