Costco, Cold Fronts and the 10:00 News

A few years ago I was in Costco and bought a set of Forstner bits for woodworking.  Some time later, after we stopped shopping at Costco, I was visiting with a friend who worked for the company and we were talking about the fact that we no longer shopped there.  The reason, for me, was that while I liked Costco, I could never depend on certain things being there all the time.  Lowes’s and Home Depot always have Forstner bits.  Costco just happened to have them that one day I was walking through the store.

What does this have to do with weather?  Almost nothing.  What struck me, as I watched the beginning of one of the local newscasts last night, was the fact that none of the stories in the first block had to do with anything I needed, or was particularly interested in.  Any number of websites, that deal with information I want or need, are just a click away.

Relevance, or lack there of, is just one of the things shrinking the audience for the 10:00 news.  There was recently an interesting comment thread on Facebook about consultants, and the use of cold fronts.  The question (should you use them or not) is not new, but what was interesting was to watch the participants in the conversation choose sides.  Some said use them, some said don’t.  Almost all of them said “people want” fronts (or no fronts).  Well, which one is it?

The correct answer is both, and this is key to where we go next.  During the single distribution point of the 10:00 news you have to decide to use fronts or not.  “Some” people want fronts, “some” people don’t.

Pick a side while you are on TV, just know that more and more people will be wandering the aisles looking for what they want.  Are your products available at Costco, or Lowe’s?



About Kevin Selle

Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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