Life Finds A Way

One of my favorite movie lines is from Jurassic Park when the Jeff Goldblum character says. “Life finds a way.”

Quite a bit has been said and written over the last few years about the ongoing argument between Rupert Murdoch and Google.  Murdoch says Google, and other search engines, are “stealing” his content by linking to it and selling ads next to the links.  Google asserts that they are sending traffic to Murdoch owned sites and he is free to tell them to stop at any time.  I believe what Mr. Murdoch really wants is for Google to give him a share of the money Google makes by selling ads next to the links to his properties, otherwise he would have shut them off years ago.  He likes the traffic…what he doesn’t like is “sharing”.  Why should someone else make money from his work.  Not fair!

On the most recent episode of WeatherBrains Dr. Russ Schneider, Director of the Storm Prediction Center (SPC), joined us.  One of the things that caught my ear was a discussion of social media and how SPC was looking at working in that space.  He told us that one of the models they were looking at was creating one feed of storm information and making it available to all.  Brilliant!  Instead of trying to deal with multiple platforms and distribution channels, the model, as I understand it, is to create the data feed and let everyone come to the trough.

This is the right way forward.  Data, like life, “finds a way”.  Create the data points, brand them, and let anyone “share” the information.  Oh, but wait…sharing is not part of the old model, is it.  Darn.


About Kevin Selle

Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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