26 to 77

The following is one of the most amazing stats I’ve read in a long time…

Pedro Doria, digital platforms editor of O Globo, a national newspaper based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, wowed ISOJ with a demonstration of his newspaper’s evening-edition iPad app. One feature layered 300-year-old paintings of Brazil on top of contemporary photographs of the same settings. With the swipe of a finger, users could reveal the modern photo that corresponded to an old painting.

Doria said the paper saw engagement with its tablet app skyrocket after it introduced the edition earlier this year. O Globo found that the amount of time people spent using the app jumped from an average of 26 minutes a day to 77 minutes a day.

One key factor, Doria said, is that the company assembled a team dedicated to building something “not for the Web, not for the newspaper—for the tablet.” The mentality at O Globo, he said, is that great journalism should be distributed wherever it fits best, and that no single channel—print, television, tablets, smartphones—should inherently trump another.

Understand the importance here.  Twenty-six minutes to seventy-seven is beyond enormous.  But, another key fact is that the news organization is dedicating resources to make something specifically for the tablet and a particular group of their users…and please don’t argue that some stations produce a “web” version of the forecast that ran on the 6:00 news.

Here is the full article from Nieman Reports.


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