The Balance of Power

Wild speculation?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Just to get the ball rolling, have a look at this article concerning the disappearance of the Google weather API.

Comcast, which owns NBC, which owns The Weather Channel, which just bought Weather Central and Weather Underground is making a move to own weather…and they just might do it.

With WSI and Weather Central becoming one company, they now have a relationship with (guessing) 90% of the television stations in the country.  The Weather Channel has one major weakness, boots on the ground in your market…oh, wait…

Will your station partner with The Weather Channel?  Will the station across town?  What about the NBC affiliate?

An article in the Wall Street Journal earlier this month (subscription may be required) quotes TWC CEO, David Kenney as saying they are moving staff to the west coast to be closer to Silicon Valley engineering talent.  Take a look at the native weather app on your iPhone.  The data comes through Yahoo, from The Weather Channel.  Did you know Yahoo has a weather unit?  They do.

Twitter had a pretty cozy relationship with NBC during Olympics.  Twitter is also making some pretty big changes to its API and relationships.

Okay…clearly I’ve put on my tin foil hat at this point.

Does the guy with the best data win?  Does the guy with the perception of the best data win?  The answer should be both…except, perception, for most people…is reality.


About Kevin Selle

Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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