Quick, Stop What You Are Doing

All hands, immediately stop what you are doing and work on “project x”…it is the latest big thing and “everyone” is there.

I find a great deal of value in reading posts from the Neiman Journalism Lab.  Everywhere it says “journalism”, replace it with “weather”.  Two interesting posts, and the links therein, discuss HTML5 web apps and iPad use.  One sentence that caught my attention in the HTML5 story is:

It’s a bold and potentially cross-platform experiment. But it’s unclear how it can (or why it should) compete with the Times’ better, native iPad app.

The “(or why it should)” is the key part.  The answer is because people are “there” (for those of you who listen to me rant about social media on WeatherBrains, please don’t tell me people are there too…I know).

I believe there is an interesting thing that happens as technology advances.  Sometimes, some people get left behind, and I believe sometimes it is a lot of people.  The upcoming NBC interview with Mark Zuckerberg apparently reveals that more mobile users are coming to Facebook via their browser than through apps.  “Wait…that can’t be…mobile is the future, it is where everything is going…right?”  I think Mark probably has his data correct.

I’ve made the same point about The Long Tail a number of times.  You can no longer say, “People want x.”  Some people want x, some y and some z.  I once had an executive tell me, “We’ve halted work on the iPhone app in order to develop for the iPad.”  (That app came out over a year and a half later and Apple released two new iPads during that time).

So, what is the point?  Take a quick look at this post from last year.  I don’t know where the woman referenced in the post is today, but it is entirely possible that she is still pushing buttons on the radio, or using a PC in the post-PC era…either way, she still needs weather information.


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