MH900430480I’d really love for you to listen to two excellent podcasts.

I’ve mentioned Seth Godin a number of times.  I’m in the middle of his latest book, The Icarus Deception.  Godin has been doing a few interviews with the release and this interview with Krista Tippett is excellent.  Download the unedited version, not the short one that aired on the radio.

One of the most interesting parts of the interview is the discussion of Twitter and Facebook.  In the middle of the pictures we’ve all seen making the rounds of broadcasters begging for “likes” and “follows”, Godin, who makes little use of social media platforms, and has one of the most widely read blogs in the world, makes an amazing point that I think will be lost on most people.  He said he could easily spend two or three hours a day managing social platforms.  It would be very tiring, and “feel” like work.  But it would not be productive work.  Those who listen to me rant about social media on WeatherBrains, I get it, I’m not saying don’t do it, just making you aware of some interesting comment.

The other podcast of interest is an interview with Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, on the NPR podcast, From Scratch.  In the first couple of minutes he gives the best explanation I’ve ever heard of the origins Twitter, and why, for him, pictures of his breakfast was an important thing.

Both interviews are excellent comment on the real reason I have had issues with the evolution of social media by broadcasters.  Broadcasters use of these platforms is an exercise in trying to bend the platforms.  They were not intended for our use.

Facebook is work.  Godin simple asks if it is, productive, is there a return, is it “art”, does it change the world?  Dorsey simply wanted to please his mother, and a few friends that cared, by showing that he was awake each morning and having a good breakfast.

Love to hear your thoughts.


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