Quit your Job…Not Really

I came across this blog on Google+ titled, 10 Reasons Why You Have to Quit your Job this Year, written by James Altucher.

The blogger writes a lot about finding a balance between your job and being happy. In the above article, he talks about how the middle class is fading away, jobs are disappearing, and how many of us are slaves to our job.

Here is what I took away from the post:

1) Technology has changed the TV business for worse and for better. At the AMS conference this year, a fellow TV meteorologist made the statement that it feels useless doing weather at a specific time when the public can access information anytime of day. Tradition seems to be the only reason for doing a 10 PM newscast.

2) Taking advantage of free time. Admit it…when the weather is easy, most of us have lots of time to work on other things. Why do you think someone like James Spann is so popular? He works hard during his free time outside of preparing weather casts for TV. I am learning to spend more time with family and work on things not weather related.

3) Money does not make you happy. It is so true yet hard to accept. If you are still young in our business and are dreaming of a six figure salary in a big market, it won’t happen for most of us. I am thankful to be able to do what I love which makes the crappy pay a little easier to swallow.

4) Lastly, we all know the TV business has to change because the model is broken. If all your eggs are in one basket, you are going to fail.

Will I quit my job? No. I am lucky to have a flexible schedule that allows me time with family and to explore other ways of doing weather. Will I still be doing TV weather 20 years down the road? Maybe but it will be very different than what we do now. I firmly believe that.

(Administrators Note:  Very pleased to have Conley Isom from KXXV join us as an author. I failed to give him a proper login profile so his name could appear and will fix that.  Welcome Conley!  Thanks. Kevin.)

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