Burgers and The Answer

A couple of years ago I went to In-N-Out Burger while in California.  I was actually pretty excited because, for some unknown reason, I knew there was some legend around these burgers and In-N-Out had a large cult following.  Well, for me, it was one of the worst meals and dining experiences I had ever had.


Recently In-N-Out opened a location along my drive home from work here in Texas.  For more than a week after it opened Arlington Police were directing traffic around the restaurant to handle the overflow of customers.  “What?  Wait…what?  Really?”  Every night, sometimes pretty late, when I drive by there is a line of cars at the drive through.  “Really?”

It has been over a year and the lines are still there.  So, I girded my loans and convinced my wife to go with me for another try the other day (given my reaction in California she vowed not to go with me).

We went in.  We placed our order.  Understand, after a year of driving by this place and seeing scores of people lined up late into the evening…it had come to a point where the restaurant was actually mocking me, “Look…everyone loves us!  What is wrong with you?”

The food arrived…..and…..I still don’t get it.  The meat is way too salty, and the fries…I think they are made of cardboard.

So, the answer to the question in the previous post, “which is the best weather app for your mobile device?”…there isn’t one.  The screen grabs in the post, each proclaiming “the best”, “perfect”, “my favorite”, are each taken from different apps.

The point is that there is no longer one monolithic answer to the question of what your audience wants and needs.  Back in the day, they could go to the local TV news, or the back page of Section A of the newspaper.  Today, some want Partly Cloudy, 72, some want to know what it will doing at 3pm, some want to read about the cutoff low over the four corners region of the desert southwest, some want pretty, and some…want salty meat.

Identify the niche, tell a good story, create a relationship…then serve as many niches as you can…and you’ll have a long line around your drive through.


About Kevin Selle

Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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