I was about to head out the door on the way to work.  Popped up one of my handy mobile weather apps, and found this…


Hmmm…  Didn’t quite seem right since we are under the ridge in my market so I looked out the window…


Now, I’m not picking on the automation.  We’ve talked about it many times.  It is not perfect, it will get better, and, it is cool.

My question is, “Why?”

Automation brings some efficiencies, but at what cost?  And is it always better? Sometimes I wonder if we forget to look two or three steps down the road, and consider the unintended consequences.  Move jobs oversees?  There is evidence that that might have been a mistake.  Let the computer make the forecast?  To what end?

I think my real question is, in a time where it seems that connections, and conversation, and a personal touch are being promoted, and showing value, does the automation make sense?

Gotta run…apparently it is about to drizzle.

About Kevin Selle

Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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1 Response to Conflicted

  1. RDale says:

    The primary reason that automation makes sense is that we have no way of doing all this stuff manually… Even when TV stations promote their apps – most are do not contain a forecast that was hand-derived for each location in the market indicated on the map (and some don’t have any human influence.)

    When there is NO value in automation (when the forecast is consistently bad to the point of being useless) then you might have a point. But for now when Joe Public sees “drizzle for the next hour” I think he just blows it off for “stupid weathermen.” If it said 58 and rain today, and 32 and snow tomorrow, he might rethink that. In the meantime, I expect automation to improve with time, and the “value” of a relationship with your local TV met will correspondingly diminish.

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