Sharing and Keeping

There was an interesting discussion on one of the broadcast meteorologist backchannels yesterday about posting your extended forecast on other platforms or linking to your website.  I’d like to take both sides…and then blow them both up.

On the one hand.  You can’t monetize Facebook or Twitter and there is no evidence that that opportunity will come soon.  Link to your site and you could get at least a few click throughs that you can count, and get them into your ecosystem.  “But people hate links, they won’t click through!” But a few might.  (Sidebar…it has been suggested that this is the same argument we had years ago about putting data on the website because it cannibalizes the TV product, and that the “dinosaurs” of the business can’t see that.  It is not the same, the TV station and the website are both controlled by your company and can be monetized).

There is certainly a promotional value to pushing data past your users.  Top of mind awareness is important.  The reality is few of those social users see those posts, Facebook suggests only 15%.  Twitter is a river with a constant flow.

Here comes the dynamite.

Your extended forecast is a commodity, which Webster defines as:

a good or service whose wide availability typically leads to smaller profit margins and diminishes the importance of factors (as brand name) other than price

Enter “weather” and “Dallas” into Google and you get…


And please don’t tell say, “Google said 100 for Friday and I had 101, and I was right.”  Most folks are not paying that close attention.

The most effective use of social is to be social, make connections, interact.  The magic trick is to start creating data that is unique.  So valuable, so different, so reliable that it creates a habit.  Embrace that word “habit”, it is the magic word.  Sitting back and wondering if they saw your post flash by in their “river” is going to turn you into a “dinosaur”.


About Kevin Selle

Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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2 Responses to Sharing and Keeping

  1. RDale says:

    I think the start of your last paragraph is spot-on… But is it creating “data” that is required? I would think it is the interaction that has the best potential bang for the buck. I hate seeing the “It’s going to be a nice day, what do you like doing on sunny days like this?” posts, but viewers eat that stuff up. I wonder if that provides much more of a return on monetizable investment than just posting a cool, unique weather graphic…

    • Kevin Selle says:

      The Long Tail taught me there is no “one correct” answer. Always say, “some” people like this and “some” people like that. One important point that I should have included, but we have talked about before, is the idea of “push” vs. “pull”. Those users who pull the data are better and more valuable, and with that in mind, if you let them pull what they want you win! Thanks, Rob, always good comment!

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