Some years ago I watched an interesting program on PBS.  Forgive me in advance for butchering the story but the point will reveal itself.


The subject of the program was credit cards and it took an in-depth look at some of the “abuses” going on in the credit card industry that made some people very rich at the expense of users saddled with high debt and high interest.  The government was taking some fumbling steps to try and regulate the industry.  The fumbling was causing delays and the delays meant no new laws were being passed.

The main interview in the program was a fellow who was making untold riches from the credit card system.  He was frustrated at the government.  Not because they were regulating…because they weren’t.  I’ve always remembered him saying he just wanted lawmakers to decide, so he could set about finding the loopholes and getting around the new laws.

On the Social News Desk/Google Hangouts webinar yesterday it was mentioned that something called “velocity” was used to determine what shows up in a users G+ feed. The faster the +1s come, the better chance a post makes it into a feed.  We can assume a similar process for “likes”.

Two recent articles from Ad Age, here and here, are worth some time.  I’m not sure the “news” article is good news.

The minute there is a system, there is someone trying to game it.  I wonder how long it will be before we see, “Like this page…..fast!”


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