The Internet Eats Middlemen

This showed up on our phones this morning (note the time :\ ).  The last line is the most important (the smudge is my son’s school).


Great quote from Jeff Jarvis, “The Internet eats middlemen.”

A few weeks ago, during a winter weather event, one of our local stations led the late news with, “headline…headline…headline, “…and watch the bottom of your screen for a list of closings.  Pay attention, there are 600 of them.”  I didn’t do the math but I’m not sure 600 could even scroll by in a 30 minute newscast, and I certainly was not going to read all of them looking for mine.

We had a great Hot Air show last night with Dr. Ryan Maue from WeatherBell.  Most of us have had the questions about the “big storm” that someone heard about on an “enthusiast” weather page (severe weather season is coming).  Ideally all users will understand the difference between a “professional” forecast and an “amateur”, and clearly they will all understand a model projection from a forecast…or not.

Look for ways to “do what you do best (local)” and do it more consistently than the other guy, but one of the big keys for us is reducing the friction between us and the end user.  Too much stuff on the mobile app, too many distracting ads overpowering the website, we’ll talk about being task specific in a future post.  Partly cloudy, 72, is out there in a million different places.  Find a way to add some value on the path from forecast model to the end user…..or you are just in the middle.


About Kevin Selle

Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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