I’m Sharing This Podcast So I’ll Look Smart…er, uh, So YOU”LL Learn More! And Thoughts On Podcasting

We’ve been told as people working in the “digital realm” that we need people to share OUR material, and then we occasionally work on getting people to share THEIR material with us.  The acronym for the material coming back at us is “UGC,” or User Generated Content.  Of late, UCG is seen as gold and a validation of our social media efforts.  (And let’s be honest: another upside to UGC is that we don’t need to dispatch as many cameras and people out and about because we simply can’t get everywhere and in many shops, we don’t have the people to get into every location).

We spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get people to share with us.  We spend a lot of time trying to get people to share FOR us.  At times it seems like it’s all just totally random.  But not really.


According to Harvard professor Jonah Berger  there is an actual science to what people share, how they share it and why they are sharing it.

I have not read his book Contagious, (yet) but I did listen to the podcast where he reduced it to the key elements.  And now you can too.  Here’s the podcast.   It’s a good listen and runs shy of 14 minutes.

But wait!  There’s more!

What about weather podcasts?  Would that be a way to go for us as digital meteorologists?

Well, some people definitely think so.  Many of you know about WeatherBrains.  If you want to get into hyper-local weather, friends in south-central Kentucky would want to sample Chris Allen’s daily podcast.  A Google search landed me on a podcast dealing with weather specific to the great American Northwest.  The Weather Channel and Accuweather have podcasts dealing with daily weather forecasts.

Since I’m sort of new to podcast listening, I likely need to broaden my knowledge of weather-based podcasts.  You can Google search climate podcasts and come up with many such as this round up or climate podcasts on NPR.   There obviously is a much shorter shelf life between an operational weather forecast on a podcast and a discussion about climate, so as a digital tool, it may or may not be attractive to any particular meteorologist.

Finally, in a thinly veiled attempt to bolster my “social currency” I will share these bits of info thanks to the Pew Research Journalism Project  :

The number of podcasts out there has been just about steady.  yes there are really about 90,000.  What’s one more if you want to jump in?


Meanwhile recent listenership seems to have spiked in 2012 at about 13-13.5% of respondents in the current Pew survey.  However the drop back to just over 12% does not seem dramatic.



In fact, with the notion of mobile phones become “screen #1,” it’s hard to think podcasts will see a meaningful dropoff.   (See: Forbes article with an outlook for podcasts in 2014.) 

Hopefully if you like this post, you’ll share it.


(Photo: HaHaStop.com)


About Spencer Adkins

I'm the chief meteorologist for WOWK TV CBS 13 in WV, OH and KY. Broadcaster since age 17. Constantly working on ways to reach and grow audiences and have fun along the way.
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