In The Same Business

handshakeSitting down?  Long time sufferers of this blog will likely be surprised to hear me come out in defense of Facebook.

There has been a fair amount of shock and complaining lately about declining Facebook reach, and outrage that the social network would dare to charge us for access to our followers…that audience that we gave our blood, sweat and tears to build.  In the weather space we forcefully cry, “We are providing LIFE SAVING INFORMATION!  How dare you charge us!”  At one point I even saw a petition demanding that Facebook pass our content through unfiltered.

Here is the reality.  In an “open” (using the term loosely) platform everyone gets to participate.  Facebook can’t do you a favor.  The minute they do, they have to do one for everyone else…on the planet…and that doesn’t scale.

We built this beast.  Time to tear it down.

Oh, and lastly, take a step back and look.  Facebook, and us, we are in the same business. Building a large audience and charging for access to it.

(Note:  Since Nate Johnson and Spencer Adkins post better content on this blog than me, going forward each author will have his picture at the bottom of each post so Nate and Spencer can get proper attention and credit for their great work.)



About Kevin Selle

Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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