Shouting at Starbucks

The other day I walked into Starbucks and, at the top of my lungs, yelled, “Partly Cloudy, 72!!!”

I’ve had it.  This is a rant, and I will jump around.

Hop over to this and read it (it is short). The post suggests that Mark Zuckerberg took offense to an open letter penned by Tim Cook at Apple about user data and privacy. Cook’s assertion was that Apple’s business model is superior because it does not rely on user data to make money. Zuckerberg called Cook’s comment a “ridiculous concept”, and suggested that the Apple business model was exclusionary and the company should lower hardware price so everyone could afford Apple devices. I guess this logic explains using your conversations with friends and family as the “price” you pay to use Facebook.

Business model check, Mark. People are paying you with their time.  Simply a different kind of currency.


Yesterday it was announced that Facebook has seen fit to gift Page operators (note I didn’t call us owners) some new features. Post End Date and Interest Targeting (that doesn’t sound too ominous) will allow us to terminate time sensitive weather posts, and, more specifically target certain users based on interests. So, I’m supposed to do more work to ensure that a user doesn’t see a severe thunderstorm warning from three days ago, and, work harder to give Facebook more profile data of my user so it can better target ads from which I will get no revenue? Got it.


Today we learn that Instagram (Facebook owned) has passed Twitter in the number of monthly users. Why are we not seeing an Instagram bug on every television show? That is where the people are, right? Wasn’t that the excuse when we ran full steam into Facebook? That is where the people are! Are you posting on Pinterest? Mostly women, a sought after demographic. What kind of traffic are you getting on Tumblr? Hip young people have extra pocket money.



Meet Joe Cuba. Yesterday I was a Christmas decoration door judge at the assisted living home where he lives. In this picture he was shooting marshmallows across the room. After the first one sailed out of the living room and half way across the dining hall, this 95 year old man said, “I didn’t know I had that much air left in me.”

Driving home I was thinking about sharing Joe with my audience. Can’t write, “What is this man doing? Find out at today at 5:00.”  The Facebook algorithm will know I’m just doing a promo and not share Joe with as many people.  Really?  I have to make that calculation rolling down the highway.


The current social media marketing model is fundamentally flawed. Having advertising messages from every marketer in the world pushed at users (as opposed to users pulling them) is not why they joined the platforms.  They sit at Starbucks to have intimate conversations (and feed their caffeine addictions).

Rant over. I’m off to the mall.  Big crowd there this time of year and they need me to interrupt them with, “MOSTLY CLOUDY, 64!!!”



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Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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  1. As always, great blog and insights.

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