35 x 128 = 4494

I started a new public Facebook Page when I came to Wichita Falls in October.  A little over 1200 wonderful souls have “liked” the Page and the number is growing.  As part of an experiment, I have intentionally resisted putting a lot of weather data on the Page in favor of more local community content.

The other night I posted the 7 day forecast graphic (which is sponsored).  It reached 35 people.

Last night during the 10:00 news, after a discussion about local burger joints with one of our anchors, I posted a picture of Pat’s in downtown.  People rushed in to comment and as of this writing the reach number is 4,494, and climbing.


A quick back of the envelop calculation shows that I need to post the 7 day forecast 128 times in order to hit the same reach number.  If I’m lucky, and the Facebook algorithm plays along, one 7 day, per day, (including weekends) means I will catch up sometime in the middle of April.  Or, I could post 128 times today.

I observed a similar calculation at the CBS group in Dallas/Fort Worth.  The modus operandi follows the logic that 128 non relevant posts will get 35 views each, and equal 4,494 page views (this is due in large part to year-end bonus structure of the supervisor of the web department).  A classic example of quantity versus quality.

It is a rare day that you will find me coming out in favor of Facebook, but in this case, the algorithm seems to have worked.  The numbers on the 7 day forecast are available everywhere (don’t tell me about branding, I get it).  This makes for another interesting calculation, time in motion.  If I start now…I could have 128 posts done by 1:30…..

Nope, going to Pat’s for lunch.


About Kevin Selle

Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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2 Responses to 35 x 128 = 4494

  1. Well Facebook IS “social media” after all so this isn’t surprising. I get more likes, views and comments when I post pictures of my dog on FB then when I post a 7 Day. Maybe I’ll have the 7 Day sponsored by him; I’d like to see if the algorithm gets confused?

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