Hello Texoma!

Not sure if I have ever told this story. It is worth repeating. 100 years ago, when I first began interning with James Spann, I made a critical observation of how he became “James Spann”.

Every day he did a school speech (about every day) he would use a VHS video recorder to spray some video of the kids and show it on the 5:00 news. (VHS was a video format requiring a device a little smaller than a typewriter to record video. (A typewriter was a device used to write letters on paper.))

Every now and then I would get a panicked phone call from a parent begging for a copy of the newscast because half of little Timmy’s face was on TV for three quarters of a second but the VCR was flashing 12:00 and the appearance wasn’t recorded. (A VCR was a device used to record television programs.)


Last night I showed a few lightning pictures sent in by a viewer. This screenshot is from her Facebook page, a short video clip of her using her phone to shoot her “appearance” on TV. As of this writing, 84 likes, 18 comments. The critical unseen part is that I let her know in advance.


At my station we do something called, “Hello Texoma! After my weather talk the group gathers to say, “Helloooooo, Texoma!” and I spray some video and use it as the in-bump to the weather segment, usually all of 7 seconds.

Do most of the viewers care? Nope. Do those 20 kids, and their 40 parents, and 80 grandparents, and some number of neighbors care? You bet.

The big takeaways are: 1. Get credit for your appearances on TV, social and the website. 2. The most important connections are made one small group at a time.


About Kevin Selle

Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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