Weather May Not Be Enough

We’ve talked before about the winners in the digital age. Platforms and aggregators, and here comes The Weather Channel as both.

As predicted, TWC is signing up stations, at the corporate level, and wants to become “the homepage for planet earth”. Local stations submit their content to the collective and the directives to the stations say they are not looking for your local forecast. They’ve looked at the data and understand that puppies, failed skateboard tricks and panic headlines are what moves traffic, and they want it.

Brillant. Soon every employee in at least one station in every market will be filtering content (aggregators) and submitting the best to the mother ship (platform).

The breathless reporting on the Godzilla El Niño may have been a little off the mark.


About Kevin Selle

Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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10 Responses to Weather May Not Be Enough

  1. RDale says:

    I refuse to click on stories like their second headline right now: “It’s the First Of Its Kind … and It’s Downright Awesome” but given the number of times I see those types on Facebook, clearly I am in a minority…

  2. I am a broadcast meteorologist that works at a news station. Therefor, I feel responsibility as a champion of all legitimate sciences and also all important news facts. I aggregate accordingly.

  3. Was this ever really an issue before TWC/WSI was partially invested in by hedge funds and private equity firms like Blackstone and Bain Capital? because if you look at the timeline of things, everything was pretty stable until the private equity funds bought in. once they did, then everything started becoming over-sensationalized. at least as I see it, I may be wrong.

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