Climate survey results released

Covers of 2016 surveys about climate change

The Center for Climate Change Communication released initial findings from two surveys conducted earlier this year to investigate views on climate change.  The first survey focused on broadcast meteorologists (regardless of membership in a professional organization) and the second on members of the American Meteorological Society (regardless of profession).

Some highlights:

  • A large majority of both populations believe climate change is happening, regardless of cause (92% of broadcast meteorologists and 96% of AMS members).
  • AMS members are more likely to see human activity as a cause of climate change (67% say climate change is “entirely”, “largely”, or “mostly” by human activity) than are broadcast meteorologists (46%).
  • The fraction of AMS members who believe their local area’s climate has changed in the last 50 years (74% said yes) is larger than the fraction of broadcast meteorologists who believe their media market’s climate has changed over that same time (54%). Likewise, AMS members were marginally more likely to believe those changes were more harmful than not than colleagues in broadcast meteorology. (38% vs 31%). (This is a bit of an apples-and-oranges comparison since broadcasters work within clearly defined media markets while “local area” is a bit more nebulous, but I found the difference interesting nonetheless.)

One crosstab I’d be interested in seeing is whether AMS membership (and/or being an AMS Sealholder or Certified Broadcast Meteorologist) had any bearing on a respondent’s views on human activity as a cause of climate change.

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