We’re the Canaries

I thought it was clever on election night when I started seeing a few tweets go by directed at political forecasters saying, “Not so easy, is it?” (canary in a coal mine)

Then came a steady stream of stories about Facebook’s influence on the election, and we said, “Welcome to the party, you’re late.”


Certainly we’ve all seen this graphic by now, year after year. It, and its cousins, spread through social media about this time of year and we spend time swatting down the rumors.

Facebook says that fake news is not as big a problem as some suggest. Further suggesting it does not have enough influence to change an election. That said, Facebook (and Google) have responded quickly to the election influence firestorm.

Anil Dash brilliantly tweeted a response to the question of influence.

We talked recently on WeatherBrains about how difficult it is to “filter” a open global platform. Once you make an accommodation for one group you then are called to do it for all and that doesn’t scale.

There has been some suggestion in what I have read that Facebook has been working on fixing the spread of fake news since before the election. Wonder if they had been watching the weather?




About Kevin Selle

Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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