A Noisy Haircut

I get my hair cut about once a month. A week or more before the appointment I start getting reminders. An email, a text, a phone call, an automated phone call. I get it. They don’t want me to forget, and, for that business, it is the most important thing in that moment.

We’re all marketers now. Not just us…everyone. Everyone needs you to hear their message. Yes, I know you are providing life-saving information. “People need to know this!”

Doc Searls wrote The Intention Econony. In it he describes “push” vs. “pull”. Push describes information that is forced upon you. Junk mail, telemarketer calls, automated sunset time tweets. Pull is something you request. I argue that “pull users” are much more valuable.

“But this is life-saving infor….”, I get it. But what happens when EVERYONE is pushing? It becomes noise, and in our case, I think the social science people are telling us it creates anxiety.

Go read this. Very short but very important, especially the 5th paragraph.

I’m already nervous and on edge. The phone just rang and my haircut doesn’t happen for two more days.

About Kevin Selle

Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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