Welcome Again Consultants! Still A Little Late

Another great and interesting post from Steve Schwaid. I’ve mentioned before that I always get a lot by reading the research and comment on the news industry and inserting “weather” where is says “news”. The two are similar but have very different needs.

Why not make sure the content gets on the station’s revenue platforms?

You and I have been exploring this question for a long time. Schwaid has one of the key things to remember, “Facebook is a marketing platform.” Exactly. Someone else wrote that Facebook is a “surveillance company”. It is also a promotions vehicle.

Schwaid asks some key questions at the end of his piece:

Seriously, why DO we keep making Facebook the primary “news app” users may need? Is it a station culture issue?

Yes, it is. The news folks need the traffic and Facebook drives a lot. Weather information is most often time-sensitive. If your post is old after 10 minutes, don’t put it on Facebook, or, time it out for deletion.

Is it a station ego issue showing how many likes, views and shares they have?

Yes. Great piece about one weather anchor who achieved 100,000 Likes. Only 6% are in the market.

Is it a work flow issue? Is it a publishing issue with their apps and mobile sites?

Yes. Bad UI for us to input data. Just as “the web is not TV”, “digital weather is not digital news”. Using the same website CMS is a failure.

It’s a question stations need to answer. And if it turns out to be a publishing issue then shame on us as an industry for not developing tools that compete with Facebook.

We’ve seen this movie. Local TV ignored the web until it realized it was a big thing. Then it failed to fight back with tools other than template websites that stifled innovation and, more importantly, creativity. Then we rushed into social media. This sequel is staring to end badly too.

I heard a great line yesterday. “The heart of the consulting model is to make changes on a rotating cycle every five years.” Or, we could learn the lessons from The Innovator’s Dilemma and do something new.



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