Wondering if we’ve taught people to forget?

Feels like I’ve been repeating myself more lately. Someone will ask me a question about the forecast that was just answered. Could be me I supposed.

Yesterday we voted early, and very early in the day. The poll worker asked how long the rain would last. I paused for a moment. Certainly he would have checked the forecast before he started his day? He might have just been making conversation.

Back in the day you had to remember the forecast that you heard. The news wasn’t on at 2:00pm, and the daily newspaper had long since ended up on the bottom of the bird cage. There was more work involved.

The information is now available at the tap of a button. You see it on a screen, but does it sink in? Interesting question about human learning. And how do we answer?

Think about it while you’re in line to vote!

About Kevin Selle

Meteorologist, KFDA-TV. Co-host, Wx Insights.
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