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Hipper Socks

If you are old enough, you will remember that Pat Sajak, of Wheel of Fortune fame, once had a late-night talk show. The program started with good ratings but quickly faded and was canceled after less than a year and … Continue reading

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What good will that do?

I wanted to share two tales of RadarScope. Both are very important. Some weeks ago someone, admittedly afraid of storms, asked me how to stay informed and safe in her home. We spent a few minutes downloading and training on … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Weather Tweet

As we head into spring severe weather season, a review of best social media practices is warranted. With a great many “experts” and “consultants” offering best-practices it seems a good time to analyze what makes an effective tweet. Let’s take … Continue reading

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Climate survey results released

The Center for Climate Change Communication released initial findings from two surveys conducted earlier this year to investigate views on climate change.  The first survey focused on broadcast meteorologists (regardless of membership in a professional organization) and the second on … Continue reading

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Social responsibility of color choice

A nearly constant refrain from many from within the weather enterprise — and from many more without — is that we must be more consistent in presentation of information, especially before and during high-impact weather events.  WDT, maker of the … Continue reading

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We all have reasons and influences that affect the graphics we put out. I tend to be a minimalist. An image is only on TV for a few minutes, giving a viewer very little time to process something that you … Continue reading

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Trolls and the Spotlight

Why are we doing this?   Internet troll has a Wikipedia page: “…a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory…” Trolls live under bridges, in the darkness. Leave them there without … Continue reading

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