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MP900438377In case you have been under a rock this week and missed the Graph Search announcement from Facebook, here is their explanation.

This will be very interesting to watch, but might be difficult to measure for businesses.  Someone on one of Leo Laporte’s TWIT podcasts predicted that the begging for “Likes” from company pages will now go up exponentially. The Graph Search needs people to engage with the brand in order for someone to search for, “Friends, or friends of friends friends, who liked a brand page four years ago in order to get a one time 2.5% discount on something they didn’t really need anyway coupon.”

Facebook certainly knows that brands will attempt to increase engagement by asking for “likes” (not your station of course) and something in their algorithm must be prepared.  James Spann has mentioned several times on WeatherBrains that the data suggests that a maximum of 10-15% of his “likers” see his posts due to EdgeRank.

This is another example of the “push” versus “pull” question.  If everyone can push data at me, EVERYONE will do it, and the message is little more than ripples from a pebble thrown into a fast moving river.  The user that requests your message at their time of need is the one you should be servicing.

By the way, if you will link this post on your Facebook page I’ll Social Graph you an offer with an SEO trackback data metric that will allow you to listen to the next WeatherBrains for free.


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Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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