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Climate survey results released

The Center for Climate Change Communication released initial findings from two surveys conducted earlier this year to investigate views on climate change.  The first survey focused on broadcast meteorologists (regardless of membership in a professional organization) and the second on … Continue reading

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Social responsibility of color choice

A nearly constant refrain from many from within the weather enterprise — and from many more without — is that we must be more consistent in presentation of information, especially before and during high-impact weather events.  WDT, maker of the … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on recent tropical storm communication

Much like Danny before it, Tropical Storm Erika was no match for dry air, wind shear, and the higher terrain of islands in the Caribbean. Fears for a landfalling Erika were unfounded for the United States, however, and Florida will … Continue reading

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Civility, Correction, and the Weather Enterprise

When I was a cub chief meteorologist at a TV station in rural Texas, I noticed that our competition was using one of the credentials of our trade in a way that, while technically against the rules, wasn’t really causing … Continue reading

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Naming winter storms – the next step

In the fall of 2012, The Weather Channel announced they would begin naming winter storms.  The move was hailed by marketing and social media experts, but it was generally panned by the rest of the weather enterprise.  For its part, … Continue reading

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Automation, weather warnings, and social media

As Twitter, Facebook, and other social media began to take hold in weather centers and news rooms across the country a few years ago, one of the earliest conversations was about whether and to what extent automation should play a … Continue reading

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NWS releases statement about El Reno tornado rating

A May 31 tornado near El Reno, OK, that killed eight people was preliminarily rated an EF-3 on the Enhanced Fujita scale. After reviewing data from a research radar near the storm, the preliminary rating was upgraded to an EF-5. … Continue reading

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Storm chasers killed in El Reno tornado

Sadly, it appears our luck did run out on Friday, in a very painful way. The news has been confirmed by multiple sources that veteran storm chaser Tim Samaras; his son, Paul Samaras; and chase partner Carl Young, are among … Continue reading

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BREAKING: No furloughs of NOAA or NWS employees

Dr. Kathryn Sullivan : May 31, 2013 To All Employees, The events over the past week, including more devastating tornadoes tonight in Oklahoma and Missouri, remind us how important every single employee within NOAA is to the health, safety, and well-being of … Continue reading

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Some day, our luck will run out

I submit, for your review, the following. (Note: Some videos have NSFW language.) (Note: The chaser who got that last video says in a Facebook posting, “I messed up.”) — Saturday Morning Update — Photo courtesy Reed Timmer (TVN) via … Continue reading

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