It Just Got Personal

In our previous post we talked about some of the weather features in the iOS 14 preview from Apple. The new operating system dropped this week along with a new Apple Watch and Tim Cook went from a shot across our bow to a direct hit.

Less than three minutes into this week’s event video, and the first of several use cases for the Apple Watch, Tim said, “Before I go out in the morning I check the weather.”

We know of course that the native weather app on the iPhone can’t do nearly what we can do to provide weather information. Of course…..they did recently buy Dark Sky. Hmmm…

During the 10 years of this blog we’ve talked about how change often doesn’t come in big moments, but evolves in little bits and pieces over time. Feels like those pieces are getting bigger and more disruptive.

I used to think it was obvious that we would evolve in the right direction and take advantage of our unique position in the world. We’re humans (as opposed to model guidance and computers) and I thought we’d take our hyper-local focus and maximize that advantage to our users on our own platforms, and not the increasing cesspool that is social media. But we didn’t. I also used to think we had time to right the ship. Not so certain now. Back in June Craig Federighi, Apple software chief, mused about what a better weather app looks like on the MKBHD podcast.

With two guys who sit on top of the most valuable company in the world staring directly at us if feels like winning might be off the table. Partners?

About Kevin Selle

Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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1 Response to It Just Got Personal

  1. Rob Dale says:

    Well you tried! Thanks for all the efforts… but lazy meteorologists and app developers put the field onto a path it may never leave. #NBM4LIFE?

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