Push Pull And The Apple In Between

We’ve talked before about push vs. pull. In short, when everyone can push things at you, everyone does. Too much noise. Your messages gets lost, tuned out, or worse, turned off. Messages that are pulled are more valuable because the user asked for it.

At WWDC 2020 this week Apple gave us a leg up on figuring out the space in between push and pull. Widgets on the home screen are coming to iOS 14. Watch the Keynote here.

In the attention economy the way to, well…..attention, is through habit. Back in the dark ages when I was on the radio there was a saying, “As goes the morning, so goes the day.” If your morning show was successful, when the clock radio went off (yes, that long ago), you were more likely to build a listener habit during the day. You pick up your phone first thing in the morning, right?

Even the giant phones are limited on their screen real estate. iOS 14 is making an effort to pack as much as possible on the home screen without overwhelming, and, giving the user some customization options. Wouldn’t it be nice to be there?

We all know we can beat the automated apps on information, personality and engagement, but, the automated guys are coming for us. There are signs of Dark Sky coming in iOS 14 too.

This is a tremendous opportunity. Hopefully we’ll use it for more than regional temperatures maps too small to be read on a phone, static radar images that don’t say, “Heading for me,” and automated posts that tell users the sun has set.

BTW…..the sun is setting.

About Kevin Selle

Chief Meteorologist, KFDX-TV. Co-host, WeatherBrains.
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